Industry Q&A with Tom Stadler – Reprographics and Printing

Q: What is your expertise on this industry?

A: From my experience, the reprographics and printing industry is divided into five categories: large-

format which includes fast, accurate client file and hardcopy plotting and copying, small-format which

prints, copies, and scans drawings and specifications, color printing that includes onsite graphic design

creating posters, banners, flyers, etc., finishing services which includes mounting, laminating, binding, z-

folding, and a host of other services, and document management that provides an online visual plan

room, online ordering, and complete document organization.


Q: How does financing look in the industry?

A: We can expect to see seller financing, SBA (7a), and buyer bank financing commonly employed in

transactions in this industry.


Q: What types of buyers have you seen making transactions in reprographics and printing?

A: Strategic, financial, and investment buyers are all common within these transactions.


Q: How complicated is a sale in this industry?

A: It’s not very complicated to consummate printing transactions; however, proper training and

transition is crucial for a smooth sale.


Q: What is the typical length from listing to sale?

A: Average transactions can typically take between three and nine months.


Q: What distribution channels are found within the industry?

A: Distribution channels are entirely business to business, although there is a large diversity in customer

types which includes anything from general contractors, to subcontractors, to municipalities, and to

public and private companies.


Q: What industry trends are currently evolving?

A: Trends are very strong in scanning documents to the cloud as well as online visual plan rooms and

specialty color implementations.


Q: Are there any regulatory issues out there?

A: These are not a factor.


Q: Do you believe the industry is consolidating?

A: Yes, the industry is consolidating quickly with large national and international corporations buying up

regional and local independents.


About the Interviewee – Tom Stadler


Tom has over 30 years of experience in Business Ownership, Consulting, General Management, Sales,

Marketing, and Operations Management. Tom brings an owners perspective to buying and selling

businesses that incorporates the knowledge that the owner’s business is one of the most important and

cherished entities in the lives of the participants.


Tom is driven by the desire to assist people in reaching their personal and financial goals. At Sunbelt,

Tom is a broker who works with small to mid-sized businesses in a wide variety of industries. Tom has a

wide breadth of knowledge in manufacturing, fabrication, distribution and commercial contract



Tom earned a Bachelor of Science from Mankato State University with majors in Finance, Business

Management, Marketing and an Accounting minor.